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Image: Augusta, ME Project
BNRG project, Oregon

Meeting our State’s Growing Energy Demand on a Larger Scale

What is utility-scale solar?

A utility-scale solar facility generates solar power that is fed back into the grid. Unlike rooftop solar which generates power to be used by the homeowner, utility scale projects serve communities at a larger scale at a market rate. The significant amount of energy produced makes the expansion of utility solar central in reducing global carbon emissions.

What legislation makes it possible?

Maine has a bright future with solar thanks to bipartisan support of the Maine legislature. Maine’s renewable portfolio targets 80% by 2030 and 100% by 2050 ( Solar energy projects are supported by the Public Utility Commission which must procure these long-term projects. State policy allows for the rapid acceleration of renewable power in the state.

For more information on solar policy, environmental practices, and the economics of renewables, please see the following web resources:

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