Solar farm in Milo generates power for community

By Susan Farley for FOX Bangor

MILO — A new solar project in Milo is generating energy.

“The largest solar farm in the entire state of Maine today is right here in Milo,” said Maine Senator Susan Collins

The ribbon was cut Friday on Milo Solar, a 27-megawatt energy project.

“Solar is now the cheapest form of energy in the world and we proved that we are the cheapest form in the state of Maine as well. So even in a state where you think of snow, you don’t think of a ton of sun. The strong rays are still penetrating the cloud cover you know fog and getting in,” said Nicholas Mazuroski, co-founder, Dirigo Solar LLC.

The business development manager for Sargent Corp who built the solar project says Milo’s solar farm will produce energy for approximately 3, 400 Maine homes and businesses.

“It’s been about a two-year project from the very beginning,” said Stephen Peroy, business development manager, Sargent Corp.

According to Senator Susan Collins, the solar project will prevent thousands of metric tons of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere.

“These new panels will help protect Maine’s natural resources, our clean air, and water, which are our greatest treasures,” said Collins.

The solar panels are all a part of Collins’ Better Energy Storage Technology Act, which was signed into law last year.

“We’ve also completed projects in Oxford, Fairfield right near 95, Winslow, Augusta on Churchill Road right outside the Capitol, so it’s happening across Maine,” said Bob Cleaves, principal investor of Dirigo Solar LLC.

“I think we’ve got an exciting future ahead of us in the renewable market,” said Peroy.